Kids in CambodiaRide for Cambodia is a moto trip across Cambodia that anyone can participate in, regardless of experience, with the aim of having a lot of fun and helping a local charity supporting Cambodian Children.

It’s open to girls and guys, men and women, our most senior entrant last year was 62, the youngest 22.  You dont need to be an experienced traveller or rider.  You just need a sense of adventure 🙂 

This isn’t an organised tour, so there’s no entry fee, no real itinerary, and not many fixed plans.  No one makes any money from r4c, you have loads of fun, and underprivileged kids get an education.  That’s it.

The fantastic inaugural ride in 2012 was a scouting run to check out roads and conditions, now in 2013 it’s  open to absolutely anyone who can get there – so start planning!

In a nutshell…

Take 2 weeks off work, and budget approximately $2000-$3000 (including flights to/from Europe, Australia or America, the bike, food and accommodation).

Get yourself to Phnom Penh in Cambodia by the morning of Monday the 21st of January 2013.

Meet up with the other riders you have already found online via the facebook page or the forum.

Head to a market and buy a little motorbike at a good price (starting from $500), and prepare it for a 1500km trip with some help from your new friends.

then repeat this…

meet for dinner
sample the local Angkor beer and agree on a destination for the next day
next morning wake up late and hope your bike will start!
then ride it to to the agreed destination together, taking in the sights and sounds of Cambodia less travelled

until Thursday the 1st of February 2013.

Then on Friday the 2nd, sell the bike back to the place where you bought it (at a pre-agreed price), and donate the money to charity.

Say a sad goodbye to your new friends, and make your way back to your regular life and start planning for 2014!

If this sounds tempting then read the 2012 blog, (and also read the disclaimer and the code of conduct!)