Cambodia GPS Map

Free Cambodia GPS Map

GPS Navigation

It’s by no means mandatory for people to carry a GPS, but it sure does make life a lot easier for you.  If you have already arranged to ride in a small group, you’d only need one for the whole group.

While this isn’t a tour, we’d still like to help out anyway that we can.  At the Rider’s Meeting in Phnom Penh we’ll talk about navigation and provide a list of cities and dates as waypoints to meet up mid-route.

We’re also working on providing GPS units, with roads, way-points, hotels and repairers all preloaded.  The GPS will include a suction style mount that will attach directly to the dash of the bike.  This will cost about $150.  Use the contact form to enquire more.

GPS Maps – Updated for 2013

(if you already own a Garmin GPS or want to buy one)

Cambodia GPS Map for Mac OSX
Cambodia GPS Map for Windows BaseCamp and MapSource
Cambodia GPS Map for Garmin GMAPSUPP.IMG

You can download a Garmin GPS map of Cambodia from one of the three links above.  (The data is sourced from the Open Street Map project and compiled by lambertus.)

For Mac and Windows, just download the appropriate file and double click it to load into either Map source or Basecamp.

To install it directly on your Garmin GPS, download the GMAPSUPP.IMG zip file, uncompress it and  copy it to the Garmin directory of your GPS once it’s connected to the computer.

Don’t overwrite another gmapsupp.img file otherwise you’ll unintentionally delete whatever other maps you have on your GPS.  Just copy the original to your harddrive and replace it with the new Cambodia one.

If you’re stuck, contact us and we’ll help.

Smart Phone Navigation

This is another option, although you will need to get a Cambodian sim with a data pack working before you try or it will be really expensive.  Many of the roads we travelled in 2012 were found in google maps, but not all of them.  The most challenging roads we tackled were not on any maps other than GPS.

Paper Maps

You can buy a paper map of Cambodia from the kids selling books on the streets of Phnom Penh, or in most little corner stores for about $2.50, so dont bother trying to organise one before you get there.  In 2012 a few of the entrants relied on these maps alone and managed not to get lost.  But note that all of the remote off-road tracks are not on these maps.

We are working on producing a free paper map that you can print out, stay tuned.