The Moto’s

There are all manner of bikes available in the markets of Phnom Penh, so what you buy is totally up to you.  Entry level is a Dailem 100cc scooter for about $500, or spend several times as much on something bigger and newer.

In 2012 we all chose the Dailem Citi 100, and spent between $500 and $600 each for them.  These are very small scooters, and quite strong but needed some maintenance along the way.  At the end of the ride we sold them back to the same place where we bought them for a $50 to $100 loss.

For everything you need to know about buying, maintaining and selling your moto click here

The great thing about travelling on them is that they are so common in Cambodia that there are repairers quite literally everywhere.  Repair costs ranged from a tyre repair at $2, to major engine overhaul for $20.

Fixing broken bikes actually became a bit of a highlight of the first ride, meeting at the end of the day and trading stories about breakdowns and repair shops over a cold beer… much fun.

If you prefer a bigger bike keep in mind that repairs will be more expensive and take much longer.  We’re expecting all the entrants from 2012 to stay on small scooters for this reason, although some may choose something a little newer like a Honda Dream 125.


The Honda Dailem 100cc Moto…

Honda Dream 125 S 2007.jpg

this nice bike looks nothing like a Dailem moto.

Maximum Speed – 80km/hr

Fuel Consumption  – 30-40km per litre

Weight – 90kg

Maximum Loads

– 2 Adults and 3 children or (1 Adult and 4 children) or (6 children)

– 1 Adult and 8 piglets (see Homepage)

– 1 Adult and 2 fully grown pigs (only on market day)

– 2 Adults and 60 chickens

– 3 Children and 40 Ducks

–  you get the idea…