It’s important that all participants understand that rideforcambodia (r4c) is not a conventional tour.

(r4c is also NOT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SEX TOURISM – please read the Code of Conduct )

You are fully responsible for all aspects of your trip, so don’t expect anyone to be doing anything for you.  You will find and buy your own bike.  You ride it and you sell it.  You find someone to fix it when it breaks, and you make sure it’s parked somewhere safe at night.  The choice of safety gear is entirely yours, and you control your own budget. Nothing is booked or organised in advance for you – not even the route.  It’s all up to you.

If you want to join a tour where someone organises it all for you – then r4c is not for you.

You will need to have a sense of adventure and strong nerves to deal with the traffic in Cambodia.  If you’re easily frightened then reconsider.  Riding a moto in Cambodia is dangerous, you could be badly injured or killed, and emergency services are usually hours or days away, if they arrive at all.  It’s an adventure – that’s the whole point of it.

Moto-scooters are at the bottom of the food chain in Cambodia where biggest has right of way, so you need to be prepared to avoid oncoming traffic.  Forget everything you know about riding or driving in a developed country, in Cambodia those rules no longer apply.


If you want to avoid these risks then please stay on the tour bus with everyone else.  You’ve been warned.


But also remember that there will be others in the same boat as you, and you can make friends with  participants from past years who will lend a hand and a bit of advice.  In 2012 one of the participants was a complete novice and handled the traffic without problems.  If you want to talk to him about his experience then contact us and we’ll put you in touch.

Buddy Up!  If you’re coming on your own then it’s important that you make friends with someone who will travel at the same pace as you – always try to travel in a group.  If you’re experienced or a little crazy this will be easy, but if you’re a novice then consider bringing a friend, otherwise put a message on the facebook fan page (link at bottom of this page) to find people in the same position.

This is an event for the  slightly crazy amongst us – for those of us who are willing to accept some danger in order to have an unforgettable  experience.  If this sounds like you, then welcome aboard!